About Harrell Anne Adams

Wood Turning Artist


I like to capture the timeless beauty of the grain, color, and natural flaws in a block of wood by turning that block in to a pleasing, eye-gathering form. I like to create from a piece of wood an object that demands the onlooker to "Pick Me Up and Feel Me" Some of my favorite pieces of wood to work with will have voids, knots, splits, worm holes, cracks and fissures. I will use these "flaws" to unleash the natural beauty of wood.

The process of creating one of my turnings begins with reducing ideas in my mind to sketches of possibilities of a cohesive from. Many times I will work in my head alone. Some times I will set a block of wood on a bench and let the color, the grains, and voids play in my mind for weeks until a form comes to mind. Once I have this form on paper or firmly in my mind, I will take the piece of wood to the wood lathe and remove what doesn't belong, creating an art piece. Many times as I am turning the piece I will modify the form around the grain, colors, and voids that appear as I turn the piece.

I do a lot of work with green wood (fresh cut wood or wood with a very high moisture content). I handcraft this wood to completion in one setting turning to a uniform thickness. I then allow the piece to completely dry after the final shaping and sanding. This final drying stage creates natural textures and non uniform curves that in themselves create a unique shape that is not perfectly round or smooth.

I am in the process of developing my work beyond the normal round form into a complex form with many surface enhancements using carving, burning, coloring, and other texturing techniques.

I am constantly in search of creating those "WOW!" Pieces. Pieces of art work so unique in form, texture, color, grain, technique, finish that the observer will be inspired by the totality of the piece.

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